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Welcome to Sugar Bowl Creamery, where sweetness meets sophistication. Explore our delightful offerings, from premium ice cream to tantalizing desserts. Join us on a journey of flavor and follow us for exclusive updates. Experience the magic of Sugar Bowl Creamery today.

Different flavors of ice cream balls

A Sweet Selection Awaits!

From Creamy Delights to Luxurious Gelato, and Delectable Desserts, Savor a World of Decadence Crafted with Care and Flavor

Ice Cream

Indulge in our rich and velvety ice cream, made with the finest ingredients and crafted to perfection


Italian Elegance, Spoonful by Spoonful - Experience the smooth and luxurious taste of our authentic gelato, made with love and tradition


Sweet Temptations Await - From decadent cakes to irresistible pastries, our desserts are a feast for the senses, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Gluten, Dairy Free & Vegan options

Enjoy our delicious treats with peace of mind, knowing that our gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options are created with care and flavor in mind

A sweet dream brought to Glen Rose, Tx

My husband, Matthew, our two kids, and I went on a mini vacation to New Braunsfels. One night we enjoyed dinner in the small town of Seguin. After dinner, everyone wanted a dessert, so we found a little ice cream shop to stop at to make the whole family happy. Honestly, it wasn’t anything special or unique to look at on the inside or outside. However, as soon as we stepped foot inside the smell immediately hit us. Imagine the smell of freshly made waffles, the best waffles you’ve ever had! The options were endless: homemade ice cream, popsicles and drinks. The colors, the smells, and the tastes! I couldn’t stop thinking about it! The simplicity of just desserts and nothing else. As I watched the steady flow of traffic enter and the smiles the ice cream brought people, I knew Glen Rose was missing out! We needed this, even though we have an ice cream shop, the idea of more than an ice cream shop, a one stop dessert destination. I wanted to create a space where an entire family could come and enjoy their favorite desserts. Something classy, simple, crispy, crunchy, with gluten free, and vegan options. Even the decor would be a sweet treat: fun, whimsical, and a little magical for kids and adults. I want people to walk in and immediately feel like they are walking into another dimension. Imagine with me a weird, fun candyland.

When you visit Sugar Bowl I want the smell to hit your noses and I want the atmosphere to entrain you! I want to bring you desserts you love and some you may have never even heard of before. I want Sugar Bowl to be a fun and safe hangout for our youth and young adults. I want it to make everyone feel happy while they are there and to leave happier. My dream is to create a space like nothing seen before.Come for the desserts, stay for the sugar rush!

A variety of ice creams flavors from Sugar Bowl Creamery

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